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Today I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the 100 Days of Happiness Planner! I have been such a huge fan of this brand and I’m so happy to have one of their planners! Let me know if you have one of these planners in the comments down below! I think this planner is simply stunning and I adore it!

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Self development

How to develop your self my opinion about this is..

  • First think who you are and why.
  • Measurement your good and bad habits.
  • Always stay away From negativities and negative vibes and stay positive.

After getting answers of these questions human can get solution about their self development.

The answer of the first point is very clear we are human being and we are on Earth just for testing by Allah. Our duty on Earth is worship him. But question is how could we complete our task we are daughter/son, mother/father, sisters/brother and so many linking relations are there and we are knotting in the chains of responsibilities. As a Muslim my thoughts allow me to think different because my Lord show me a different way. He clearly describes in “QUARN” (The Holly Book) that our last day (the day of judgment) will be effected by earthling works. So we are on Earth for spreading not any thing else but peace.

Second point is of measurement of good and bad habits. As we know we are human being and everyone is not perfect but we can desire to be the good so the best way is always appriciate good no matter where it comes from always desire to learn new and good. For example I learnt deciplin from Ant! Yes because They never disterb there line when they start their journey. And always try to get Ride of negativity, it’s only destroye your soul.

Third point is how could we get ride of from the negativities. As we know we are blessed creature from all creatures on the Earth Allah blessed us with so many qualities and one of them is “Bearness”Β  “patient” and “Calm” these three could help us alot to build us new.

People says sometimes it’s hard to be patient or to bear something i will say about it that we should start it from little things. And believe that the reward of patient will never go to lurch.


Real meaning of Education,

What is education?


Education is the most important part of life but question is what is the Education? Holding bag of copies pen and books to walk to school colleges and universities? No, Actually Education is to feed your mind of good thoughts and knowledge.


It’s the resource to live the life in better way. When a baby is born he/she has no idea to even speak to others and walk out but with the passage of time he/she desires to learn this learning point makes him that what he/she is by showing them the true direction. For example if a person wants to become a doctor we can’t put him into the class of engineering. Same like if we will hold only books but have no interest to choose the true direction this will make you no more but machine.


Knowledge is to β€œknow” about something, get informative about something. This world is full of knowledge we can’t get all at the same time On the other hand we also learn through out the daily life happenings, reflection of the circumstances leaves a strong empect on our lives knowledge plays the important role to live the valuable life. So always promise yourself to give your mind a healthy thought and knowledge just like we stay conscious about chosing healthy food. Healthy food makes your body good and stronger but healthy thought makes your relations of around stronger and knowledge makes you stay longer.